Azar, ðe phœnix and I

Oleg Oʃmyan, a. k. a. Chortos‑2
Copyright © 2007 Chortos‑2 <>

I raised my head and saw a phœnix. It was big and beautiful, red wið yellowiʃ and bluiʃ tinges, playiŋ colour. I was so stunned by ðe amaziŋ look ðat I did not notice ðe phœnix landiŋ before us.

‘So æsþetically beautiful!’ my dark companion took note.

‘Couldn’t ðou þiŋk of anyþiŋ better to say?’ I replied disgustedly.

Suddenly, ðe phœnix opened its mouþ and started speakiŋ.

‘I was waitiŋ for you, ðe adventurers! I have to transport you to ðe oðer coast, so climb carefully and haŋ on!’

We got onto ðe phœnix and sought for someþiŋ to grasp at. Ðe same moment our saviour flew, and I hardly managed not to fall. Only few seconds had passed, but we were already flyiŋ higher ðan ever before. Ðe phœnix was explainiŋ ðe paþ to Azar, but I was not listeniŋ. I had a better job to do—ðe view was brilliant. Just as I was goiŋ to open my notes and describe it in words, I felt like falliŋ. Ðe giant bird was landiŋ again. I hid my notebook and looked down. My head began to swim. I quickly returned to watčiŋ around, and soon we finally reačed ðe land. Azar climbed off our transporter, and so did I. We wanted to þaŋk it, but it started speakiŋ first:

‘Ye are brave adventurers. Ðou, Azar, art goiŋ to find success in everyþiŋ ðou has ever started. And ðou…’ ðe phœnix looked at me. ‘Ðou will become a great man and wizard.’

‘Wizard?’ I þought. ‘What can ever make me become a wizard?’

‘Now I have to go, but I can return. If ye do not forget me, I will come whenever ye call me. Good bye, ðe adventurers.’

Ðe phœnix flew away, and Azar and I took a look around and decided to go to ðe large castle at ðe top of a near hill. While walkiŋ, we met nobody, whič caused me feel strange. By ðe time we got to ðe castle, ðe dark elf was whisteliŋ someþiŋ. Ðe gates were open, and nobody noticed us as we entered. Ðe inside was dark and gloomy. Azar seemed to like ðis, unlike me. Neverðeless, I cast Light, and ðe gloom disappeared. Suddenly, ðe next door opened and a man came out.

‘Ah, Azar! I’m so glad to see ðee! Come in, don’t hesitate!’

I looked at my companion and saw ðat he was as surprised as I was. After a few seconds of þiŋkiŋ, he walked towards ðe man; I followed.

‘Ðou knows, we’ve heared pretty muč about ðee, and most þiŋs were good!’ ðe man continued as we went on.

To Be Continued…